"Art as an intellectual concept does not exist in traditional Africa. African art is intimately bound to religion and magic, and cannot be separated from daily functional aspects of life.
African Art must be seen from a broad view with special consideration given to its social and religious meaning and function. When one says 'African Art', the idea of masks is automatically conjured before the minds eye. However, true African art comprises music, dance, theatre, drummaking, weaving, fabric and house design. The functional purpose of a mask in ritual dance, is that it should come to life as a living spirit. Cloth may be designed to tell the history of a family, tribe or nation or to show rank in a religious order or secret society". AM
This site is dedicated to the promotion of Africa Music Drama and Art and the display of African cultures and events on the internet. African artists and musicians are welcome to register with us in order to have their own blog with bio and contact details.


28/08/2015 18:30


Louisiana Cafe
Gl. Strandvej 13
Louisiana 3050 Humlebæk

Fredagslounge får besøg af 'Vestafrikas svar på Jimi Hendrix' - Sekou Kouyate fra Guinea. Denne aften er lounge også ramme om releasekoncerten for Sekous nye album - Sabaru. Sekou spiller kora (afrikansk strengeinstrument), guitar og synger. I kraft af hans karakteristiske lyd samt ’opfindelsen’ af den elektriske Kora betragtes han som en af verdens dygtigste kora-spillere.


Aftenens line up:

Sekou Kouyate - vokal, kora & elektrisk kora
John Mutumbo elektrisk guitar

EU databeskyttelsesdirektivet

Direktiv 2002/58 på privatlivets fred og elektronisk kommunikation, ellers kendt som databeskyttelsesdirektivet, er et EU-direktiv EU directive på databeskyttelse og privatlivets fred i den digitale tidsalder. Det præsenterer en fortsættelse af tidligere indsats, mest direkte databeskyttelsesdirektivet Data Protection Directive. Det drejer sig om regulering af en række vigtige spørgsmål såsom forretningsoplysninger, behandling af trafikdata i spam spam og cookies cookies.

Dawda Jobarteh (GMB/DK)

22/05/2015 21:00


Global Copenhagen
Nørre Allé 7
2200, København N

Dawda Jobarteh er en fremtrædende international profil på det vestafrikanske strengeinstrument kora, hvis tradition han både viderefører og peger i helt nye retninger.

Couleur Café 2015

23/05/2015 12:00


Nørrebrohallen (Kbh N)
Bragesgade 8
2200 Copenhagen

Afrikansk festival i Nørrebrohallen. Live musik, afrikansk marked, konkurrence, aktiviteter for børn, god mad og drikke.   Musik og dans med Necco Novelas, Afriko Highlife Band, Jyckey Keza, Ngatch Fall Family, Selassi, Tina Mweni, Alewa, Bobo Pee, Dans med Joy, Papaya m.fl. Afrikansk historiefortælling for børn af Ann Mari Urwald.  

CD Launch of Northern Light Gambian Night by Dawda Jobarteh

31/08/2011 19:00



CD Launch of Northern Light Gambian Night by Dawda Jobarteh

Release Date: Monday 5 September 11

Members: Dawda Jobarteh KORA & VOC
ALMarie-line Marolany VOCAL
Maria Marolany VOCAL
Preben Carlsen GUITAR
Nana Osibio BASS
Salieu Dibba DJEMBE
Rasmus Lund DRUMS

Record Label: Sterns Music

Nabiha Concert

12/03/2011 21:00


Emil Holms Kanal 20

Nabiha er uden tvivl en af de mest fremadstormende danske stjerner lige nu. Hun er dobbelt nomineret  i P3 Guld og har en række roste koncerter bag sig. Nu står hun for første gang klar på den københavnske klub-scene ved en koncert i Koncerthusets Studie 2 lørdag 12. marts.

 For mere Info: Myspace og  Dr.dk


05/11/2010 21:30
09/11/2010 16:00


Grand Teatret
Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8
Copenhagen 1460
Phone: 33 15 16 11

Concert and movie at Copenhagen Dox Film Festival 2010

WAR CHILD by Karim Chrobog
The 16 times international award winning documentary
about Emmanuel Jal´s life will be shown at the prestigious
CPH:DOX film festival 2010

Just won Best Documentary Award at the Warsaw International Doc Film Festival

GRAND TEATRET 5th of November 21:30-23:00

After the movie, EMMANUEL JAL will be performing a
LIVE CONCERT at the cinema stage.

You can continue the night with great live music:
AL AGAMI & MAKADEM with his band from Kenya
performs an Afro Luo Hip Hop midnight concert nearby, right after.

More info: http://www.womex.com/virtual/one_world/event/emmanuel_jal

Dawda Jobarteh - Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse

Dawda Jobarteh - Dindingo

Dawda Jobarteh and his band live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, August 2010. Recorded and produced by Jacob Crawfurd/ Crawfurd Media.

Youssou N'dour launches TV channel

Senegal star Youssou N'dour launches TV channel

Youssou N'dour performs in Morocco in Feb 2010 The world renowned singer already owns a major private media group in Senegal

Senegalese pop star Youssou N'dour has officially launched his own television station in Senegal after a two-year struggle with the authorities.

The singer already owns a major private media group in Dakar, which tends to be critical of the authorities. The new channel, TFM, is officially a cultural one, after the authorities refused to grant him a licence for a general channel, correspondents say.


Dawda Jobarteh - Dindingo

Dawda Jobarteh and his band live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, August 2010. Recorded and produced by Jacob Crawfurd/ Crawfurd Media.

ECA launches an African technology network to generate value from research and development

Addis Ababa, 17 June 2010 (ECA) - The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has launched a network of community of experts and institutions involved in technology development and transfer in Africa, composed of leading African agencies responsible for technology development, adaptation, diffusion and transfer.

How Somali rapper became the voice of South Africa 2010

Rapper K'Naan's Wavin' Flag in World Cup triumph
By Ian Youngs
Music reporter, BBC News

An anthem by Somali-born rapper K'Naan has become the signature tune of this year's World Cup after being used in Coca Cola commercials and going to number one in 14 countries.

But Wavin' Flag was not written as a football song - beneath its celebratory tone is the story of its creator's narrow escape from a life of war and his subsequent rise as a hip-hop star and global role model.

K'Naan was luckier than most Somalis when his country fell into civil war in 1991.

The African Future - the Media

Speech made by Ole Reitov at Copenhagen Wild Cards
June 30, 1996, Copenhagen

It was the famous South African Broadcaster, Evidence Bodibe, that in the year 2010 in his globally known programme - Another world - made the Norwegian refugees in Sudan aware of some forgotten and extremely interesting recordings of Same (laplanders) world music of the late nineties.
After the nuclear disaster in northern Europe in 2002, many Scandinavians had left Europe and were now found in pockets in Africa and their favourite programme was Bodibes "Another world".

Voices of change

Voices of change

 On the 28th November 1998, DAPAMDA in co-operation with South Africa Kontakt, organized the conference "Communicating Cultural Africa" at Copenhagen University. We invited 11 journalists from 10 countries in Africa for a week long seminar ending with a conference. "Communicating Cultural Africa" was an exchange of cultural knowledge, ideas and experience between journalists and artists and Danes interested in African culture. Dapamda member Matt Hunter reports about the conference.

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